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If you don’t know us: We are a fast growing tech start-up that helps people go green by making it safe, easy and affordable to have solar panels on their houses. In order to do this, we attract employees with a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets, and put them to work on creating a future based on renewable energy.

The slightly-longer-story

Since our founder sold his car to start Otovo in 2016, we have made thousands of households able to produce their own renewable, clean and CO2-free energy by offering them high performance solar panels, inverters and other necessary equipment, and ensuring that it is properly installed. That way, they become less reliant on electricity from fossil fuelled power plants and save money while they’re at it.

A solar startup from the North

Some counter that solar power is only available when you need it the least, and elusive in the cold and dark season. That’s sort of true, perhaps. But by feeding excess electricity back into the grid, our panels work towards a sustainable energy future year-round (and helps the house owner make even more money).
Others believe solar panels are a heavy financial burden, or a hassle to install and maintain. Our innovative online tool goes a long way to fix this.
It scans a database of Otovo certified installers for the best deal for any given customer need, after checking the customer’s home address for a plethora of data, drawing from sources such as official construction reports and satellite photos.
We’re really proud of this system, because it ensures that our panels are installed only by the most skilled people, and that all health and safety measures are taken at all times.
Our customers say they love it too, because it makes them able to fine tune their own solar panel set-up and eliminates the need to deal with anyone other than the designated project manager from Otovo.
Furthermore, for those unable to put up the upfront investment of solar panels, we provide leasing deals - and for those who simply want to power their house or electric vehicle by green, locally produced electricity, we offer standard power delivery services at great rates.
Put simply (in our rare, less-than-humble moments): We are the energy company of the future. And we hope you want to join us.

To be totally honest about it

There’s still a few misconceptions about solar panels out there. Some believe they make no sense outside the sun-drenched hills of, say, Spain or southern California. But even in our home country – Norway, where no one goes to work on their tan – there are lots of Otovo customers whose electricity bills beg to differ.
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