At Otovo, we have more than 30 words for «solar panels»

That’s a testament to the diversity of the company. The people who work for Otovo not only have a variety of professional backgrounds – they come from a wide range of countries and cultures, regardless of whether they sit in our Norwegian headquarters.


May not be far from our main office in Oslo, but our team there has been essential in making Otovo the leading seller of solar panels in both Norway and Sweden.


Our Paris team is a result of our 2019 merger with the French solar company In Sun We Trust (ISWT), whose visionary founders share our idea of a more accessible and affordable solar panel solution for regular home owners.


The Madrid office opened in 2020 with the goal of obtaining a five percent share of the Spanish market for solar panels. It is quite a paradox that Spain is among the sunniest countries in Europe, yet has the highest cost of electricity, so changing that dynamic is job number one for our employees in Madrid.

Rio de Janeiro

In Rio de Janeiro, we recently opened a joint venture with the Brazilian water and solar power company Gera – certain that the combination of Otovo’s product and Gera’s experience with the Brazilian market will bring the solar revolution to Brazil.

Ikea Unboxing Days

Alejandro Diaz (36) is an account manager in the Madrid office. As a part of the Spanish team from the get go, he recalls what might be the ultimate start-up experience: Days spent unboxing Ikea furniture.
Alejandro Diaz
account manager in the Madrid office
– Now, I feel like it's my own startup. I think that is the magic of Otovo. The sense of ownership, he says.
Alejandro had no previous experience from the energy sector when he came to Otovo - always considering himself the creative type, he actually started out as a producer in the TV industry.
During a national economic crisis, however, he was forced to seek opportunities elsewhere and has been navigating his way up the retail hierarchy as well as launching the Spanish arm of the electric vehicle company Tesla - a company aligned with his own value set and strong environmental awareness.
Later, he went on to found his own startup - a brand of food trucks serving modern iterations of traditional Spanish dishes:
– I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I took a big risk, lost some money, then earned it back. Although there were a lot of twists and turns it felt great, because it was my own thing, he declares.
Smitten by the enthusiasm of the start-up business, there was no way for him to return to a more traditional workplace.
– I didn’t want to go work for just another company. I’d had the taste of being able to live and work in accordance with my own values. So I wanted to move forward with the same energy, Alejandro explains.
He listed up what he was looking for in a new job and compared it to vacancies available in Madrid. The answer that ticked all of her boxes? You guessed it - a certain solar panel company.
In Otovo, he’s able to combine all of his professional interests: The creativity, the start up-mentality and his green values.
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