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Otovo is one of Europe's fastest growing greentech start-ups and we're determined to bring local and clean energy to every home. We provide solar panels to homeowners' roof and use software and technology to make solar energy easy, cheap, and available everywhere.

  • We make solar easy by providing tailored offers to customers visiting our website and entering their address. No need for home visits.
  • We make solar cheap by providing a platform where installers compete on price and quality to get assignments.
  • We make solar available everywhere by quickly expanding our platform to new markets all over the world.

We have come a long way since launching in 2016—we're in Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Germany and Brazil and we'll expand to six more countries in the coming months 🚀

We'd like your help

The team is responsible for the product in all countries, and we work to ensure our product is delightful to use for our users. Otovo's sales agents customizes offers in a matter of seconds using the tools we build. We do everything in our power to make it easy to go solar. We work constantly to build maintainable software that scales as we expand to new countries. We've come far with a small team of 25 excellent engineers, designers, and product people, but we need your help to keep up with the growing demands and market expansions. You'll get the technical responsibility for a large part of Otovo's customer journey as technical lead in this team. Technologies we use, ranked by relevance for the role, are:

  • Next.js with React 18 running on Vercel
  • TypeScript and ESLint
  • Sanity CMS
  • Sentry and DataDog
  • Python 3 with Django and PostgreSQL
  • Styled components and Emotion
  • Jest and Cypress

What's in it for you?

You'll get to be part of our journey towards a more sustainable world 🌱 We encourage bold attempts and risky experiments to learn swiftly, meaning we play a lot and move fast. You'll help build a team of strong engineers by taking lead in our technology choices and help to keep a high level of code quality. You'll join a culture where we focus on steep learning curves and personal growth while having flexibility, freedom and fun. We've kept a lot of the startup culture in the team: we build today, for tomorrow. You'll help us plan the evolution of our technology to prepare us for what will come also the next months. You'll continuously evaluate the stack together with other tech leads. You'll help the team execute on your plan by delegation and working hands-on with us all. You'll work closely with your engineering manager by evaluating the technical performance of members in the team; together, you'll help them grow in their role.

We also offer:

  • Flexible working time and place (office / home / remote).
  • Free lunch at the office, or head out into Oslo's main food street for variety (the office is located in Torggata).
  • A chance to make a meaningful contribution to the world by reducing global warming.
  • You'll work with enthusiastic colleagues that are passionate for their fields.
  • Great pension and insurance coverage.
  • We take care of your internet and phone bills.
  • Pick your own gear.
  • We'll help you out if you have to relocate to Norway.

Job requirements

You love technology

We prefer you having 5 years of software engineering experience with an enthusiastic spirit eager to learn fast. You should prefer working broadly rather than digging yourself too deep in details. We code primarily in TypeScript for our web front-ends, and use Python for our APIs and internal systems. You must be proficient in JavaScript and willing to learn Python. We monitor bugs in Sentry, track Python performance in DataDog and Core Web Vitals on the Vercel platform. Otovistas code on Mac or Linux machines, usually with Visual Studio Code and PyCharm. We prefer to work in pairs; remote and in the office, and push code to production every day.

Building systems

You'll work to adapt the system architecture as our product evolves. You'll help the team building resilient systems while striving to minimize technical debt and over-engineering. You'll keep the pulse on our bugs, and identify which to work on. Otovo grows exponentially; you'll make sure the tech stack handles the pressure. You'll be responsible for response times and work to keep them low. You'll lead a continuous improvement of the developer experience by keeping our tooling and dependencies up-to-date, and automate tedious processes.

Building others

Experience in leading teams is a bonus, but not a strict requirement. We expect you to focus on building relationships with the team and stakeholders, and you should be warm, empathetic and patient. You'll spend much of your time to educate engineers via pair programming, code reviews, documentation and presentations. You'll inspire the team to write readable, maintainable and testable code. You'll lead recoveries from system outages and teach others to do the same. We embrace failures, and our systems sometimes break down as a consequence. You should be able to relax under pressure when that happens, and be skilled at diagnostics and troubleshooting to help us get back on track. You'll praise often, and deliver pedagogical and constructive feedback to your teammates. You should continuously seek feedback to understand how to grow in your role. We expect you to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively with technical and non-technical people; in- and outside the team.

You want to work with online conversion

We improve our products and way of working through trial and error. We write high quality code and strive to make our product loved. We constantly run variants of our features to understand our users, and to improve conversion. You'll help maintaining the systems to easily run, monitor and conclude these experiments.

Hiring process

Update your CV and submit your application. We usually have three interviews:

  • First interview - informal first meeting with potential future engineering manager.
  • Technical interview - working on a technical problem together with developers from the team.
  • Third interview - meeting up with the chief of product and product manager in the team.

If all of the above checks out nicely, we'll call a reference that you provide before we send you an offer. The whole process should take between 2 and 3 weeks.

Send any questions you have to me at kmk@otovo.com. Otherwise, don't waste your time; submit your application as the first step to helping the world transition to renewable energy 🌅

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