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Otovo is looking for more people to join us leading Europe into a clean, electrified future. Are you up for it?

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Otovo's vision & mission

Who are we anyway?

Otovo simplifies the path to clean, cheap and local energy by making it super easy to upgrade your house with smart energy solutions. It's like bying a t-shirt online, except you're helping the planet. Our marketplace of almost 1 000 of local installers are using our platform every day to make the world a greener place.

We want

To lead Europe into a clean, electrified future

Our Mission

Otovo is the easy, trustworthy & affordable way for homeowners to go solar

We are

The energy company of the future


Working at Otovo

What is it really like working here? Here's what some seasoned Otovo veterans say about working here.

I'm proud to say I make a change in the world

In fact, panels are currently going up at such a rate that every Otovo employee can take credit for 1000 new solar panels fitted on houses every year. That makes me very proud.

Kris-Mikael Krister
Engineering Manager

From nanoparticles to big ambitions

Since I joined as a project manager in 2016, I have has switched roles and progressed more than I ever imagined. For me, an Otovista is a person that makes the most out of every opportunity.

Mette Fjelltveit Rye-Larsen
Head of Sustainability

My own startup

I feel like it's my own startup. I think that is the magic of Otovo. I get to live and work in accordance with my sustainable values while combining my professional interests: Creativity and start up-mentality.

Alejandro Diaz
Head of Business Development, Spain

Diversity is strength

In our opinion, diversity and inclusion is not just a key factor for a good working environment – it is a prerequisite for innovation. That's why we have more than 30 words for «solar panels» at Otovo.

It constantly generates alternative solutions and nudges us to be open to different viewpoints. It makes the smartest people not only want to work at Otovo, but to stay here. And it forces us to be aware of one of the most important aspects of the task we have set ourselves to help solve: That climate change is a global challenge that requires global solutions.

Our French Operations team (13 people) together at the Otovo Summer Party after they won "Operations Team of the Year"
Our French Operations team together at the 2022 Otovo Summer Party after they won Operations Team of the Year.
Our French Operations team (13 people) together at the Otovo Summer Party after they won "Operations Team of the Year"

Check our equality

We work to save the planet, but we want to do it the right way. At Otovo, we all strive to build a workplace that is diverse and inclusive. Don't just take our word for it. We encourage employees to leave their feedback anonymously with Equality Check, so that you can see how we're doing.

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